• Voice and Accent Training courses enriched with practical sessions and usually of one to one practice exercises. The course is trained by internationally trained Trainers.
  • The course trains on intonations and expressions,  vocabulary , voice modulation, transpositions, phonetics, accent reduction parameters, rate of speech, linguistic parameters, and neutralization.
  • The outcome of the course is very effective as students are allowed to engage on various  interactive sessions  with effective digital support

Course Includes

  • Audio support material of Native speakers. (US and UK Accent)
  • Pronunciation app with online practice. (UK Accent)

Aksentís Soft Skills training Courses are exclusively designed for working professionals who are looking out for a straight-forward and a concrete approach training to develop their Personality skills. You might possess excellent technical knowledge and are potential enough to be better than your co-workers, but because of your poor interpersonal skills your career growth becomes very minimal.